About us

Salsa life London mission is to spread the art of dance in daily life boosting everyone's self confidence.
Our aim is not only sharing dance knowledge in the best understandable way, it's helping people to identify and express their inner self.

Why us?

Do you wish to meet new friends with same interest to hang out or do you simply want to learn on how to dance?
Salsa Life London is different because we care, we want you to be part of us, we want you to learn from the best, sharing the historical and the fun part of our dance disciplines.
We are really interested to develop every single person that wants to start a new and fun dance learning adventure.

Our students

Our students

Salsa life London's objective and motivation are the students.
We expect you to have fun and embrace our being a family concept. 
Each Course have a different learning program, at the end of the classes you will be able to show up your moves on the dance floor, enjoy the music and meet lots of new people.

Our Teachers

Would you like to meet our teachers?


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